Vestjysk 20 and 40 grain cleaner

The Grain Cleaner T 20 20 t/h and T 40 40 t/h can easily be installed into any conveying system. The material is distributed evenly through the unit across the complete breadth of the cleaner. Hulls, sand and seeds are removed by means of the deawner knives and the cylindrical sieve. The degree of finish may be adjusted by means of a balance weight placed on the outlet flap of the deawner. The cleaner is provided with a fan which draws a continuous air flow through the sieve in order that it is not obstructed.

Moreover, the fan is used for an additional cleaning as the material from the grain outlet is carried down across astraw collector providing it with a double air cleansing.

The double air cleansing arises when the aspiration air flow is sucked through while a concentrated TURBO-air flow is passed through the material in the same directionass the aspiration air flow. The force of the TURBO-air is adjustable by means of a regulating damper on the exhaust of the fan.​​

​T20) H: 2000 mm

​W: 1050 mm

​D: 1200 mm

T40) H: 2500mm

W: 1050 mm

D: 1800 mm


​Vestjysk Smede • VVS • Blik A/S

CVR: 29149267


​Tangsøgade 55

DK-7650 Bøvlingbjerg